JE Custom Pistons

We've been working to get you pistons, faster. See more on what we've done to implement improvements and take advantage of reduced lead times.

We know engine builds can't be completed without pistons, which is why the entire JE Pistons crew has been working to reduce the time it takes to get pistons in your hands and in your engine. Throughout the last year, we've implemented updated processes, procedures, and resources in every area of the piston manufacturing process, from forging to machining to quality control.

Current Lead Times:

  • Custom Pistons: 6-8 weeks*
    • *Special coatings could add more time
  • Made-to-Order and Shelf-Stock Pistons: 4 weeks

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☑️ Reinvesting into additional forging equipment and heat treatment processes have improved capacity



☑️ Streamlining strategies have been implemented for improved piston processing efficiency



☑️ In-process and final process quality control measures remain a priority in our in-house quality control lab using CMM equipment